Product Composition:
Product Specifications:
Fucoxanthin beadlets: 1% ,The content of fucoxanthin is ≥ 1.0%. Fucoxanthin oleoresin: 5%, 10%. Fucoxanthin pure product: The content of fucoxanthin is ≥ 95.0%.
Functional research:
Fucoxanthin can reduce atherosclerosis induced by high-fat diet; It can improve fatty liver induced by high-fat diet.
Products Details

 The carotenoids in microalgal consist of eight isoprene groups linked by conjugated double bonds. This special structure allows carotenoids to not only participate in cellular photosynthesis  but also act as antioxidants. Over the past few decades, more and more carotenoids have been shown to have beneficial and disease-fighting effects.

In recent years, fucoxanthin has received increasing attention for its unique ability to control body fat as well as its traditionally accepted function as an antioxidant.

In the past fucoxanthin was extracted from large brown algae through a complicated purification process with low production efficiency (less than 0.01% of dry weight) and high production costs on a limited scale. Through high throughput screening, Demeter obtained the algae stain DMT-1, which has a high growth rate and high fucoxanthin content. At the same time, Demeter also developed a third-generation large-scale cultivation process for DMT-1 to maximize its productivity.