Demeter has the world’s largest culture collection of production algae strains based on high-throughput screening technology. Guided by these results, Demeter will use synthetic biotechnology to obtain superior algal species with fast growth rates and high content of target products.

Demeter developed its core technology, the "Photon-Carbon Smart Biomanufacturing” platform, based on photovoltaic and LED technology This platform allows us to precisely control the optimal spectrum and light intensity required for algae cultivation, developments which increased light utilization efficiency of microalgae cultivation from 1% to 10% compared with traditional cultivation methods.


To aid our large-scale production, Demeter developed an ultra-large Fully enclosed photobioreactor which can provide a standardized, repeatable, and controllable environment for microalgae cultivation.

Additionally,, Demeter takes advantage of AI-assisted development of optimal light and carbon formulae to maximize production efficiency. In this way Demeter strives to achieve the reforms from agriculture to industrialization in the field of microalgae cultivation.