Demeter Bio-Tech (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd

DEMETER BIO-TECH (ZHUHAI) CO., LTD. (“Demeter” in short) was established in 2019, focusing on the research and development of microalgae synthetic biotechnology to achieve industrial scale production. Demeter adopts synthetic biology for algal strain development and utilizes the “photon-carbon smart biomanufacturing platform” to develop our unique cultivation system which is compatible with cell factories, thereby achieving the large-scale production and commercialization of microalgae-based products. We have various products, including carotenoids (FucoRuby), functional lipid (EPA) and protein.

Demeter is committed to becoming the world’s top supplier of algal products. Inspired by our namesake, the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest, Demeter hopes to become an innovative company leading the development of global algal biotechnology. Through our unremitting efforts, we aspire to create pure and sustainable products that benefit human health. It's also our vision to provide produciton soluitons that meet the need of carbon netrual. 

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