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Protein is a main component of all life and a high-quality nutrient. Shortages of animal protein due to high production costs have contributed to malnutrition in underdeveloped regions around the world. Additionally, plant-based protein cannot completely replace animal-based protein due to the need for arable land, low yield per unit area, seasonal dependence, and a lack of comprehensive nutrition.

Microalgae have been increasingly recognized for their ability to become novel alternative protein source. Some species (such as Chlorella) can accumulate more than 50% protein and have a more complete amino acid profile than that of vegetable protein (such as soybean protein). On this basis, Demeter has independently developed several microalgae ultra-high-density heterotrophic culture technologies with independent intellectual property rights using these techniques, the dry weight per unit volume can reach more than 200 g/L, which provides a solid foundation for the industrial production of microalgal proteins.